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CSO casts a wider net next season with rarities, American music

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s 2017-18 season shows a more skillful balancing …

Jan 31, 2017
at 3:00 pm
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Even with Radvanovsky, Lyric Opera’s routine “Norma” fails to catch fire

Norma’s funeral pyre failing to ignite at the climatic end of …

Jan 29, 2017
at 5:07 pm

With a new violinist, Spektral Quartet still at the top of their game 

The Spektral Quartet is an ensemble in transition again.

In 2014 …

Jan 29, 2017
at 1:52 pm
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Critic’s Choice

Lyric Opera presented Donizettti’s Lucia di Lammermoor last fall and this …

Jan 26, 2017
at 8:43 am
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Two star sopranos light up Mozart with Music of the Baroque

As programmers know, you never go wrong with Mozart. That marketing …

Jan 24, 2017
at 4:15 pm
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Cleveland Orchestra shows its refined mettle in Beethoven, Sibelius

The last time the Cleveland Orchestra played in Chicago was 2002 …

Jan 22, 2017
at 4:15 pm

Pianist Chen brings a fresh approach to Rachmaninoff with IPO

Transition seemed to be a theme this weekend in more ways …

Jan 22, 2017
at 12:08 pm
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Imani Winds serve up energy in mixed UC debut 

The presidential inauguration wasn’t the only changing of the guard to …

Jan 21, 2017
at 4:03 pm
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Singers’ versatile artistry warms up a rainy night at Beyond the Aria

It was a cold and rainy Thursday night but the Beyond …

Jan 20, 2017
at 1:00 pm
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Marking 15 years, Welser-Möst is in a good place with Cleveland Orchestra

The last time the Cleveland Orchestra visited Chicago was 2002, in …

Jan 19, 2017
at 11:21 am